A new playground is coming to Willmar in the summer of 2017. This is a community effort from the planning to the construction. The build dates are May 16-25. A hard working group of volunteers is working right now to plan the playground and raise the money to build it, and organize our build. Willmar’s Destination Playground at Robbins Island is a community build project.
  • Spider Bouncer

  • 4-Person Teeter Totter

  • Therapeutic Swing

  • Liberty Swing

Thanks to all that signed up to help build Willmar’s Destination Playground!


Donate to the Destination Playground by simply clicking the link below and selecting the “Friends of Robbins Island Park Fund”. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or making a significant gift to the Fund, please contact Sara Carlson, Willmar Area Community Foundation Executive Director at 235-4380 or scarlson@communitygiving.org.


20th of December 2017 11:56 AM Link
Do you have your Fishing Opener Raffle ticket yet? Tickets are selling fast!
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3rd of October 2017 06:59 AM Link
The new picnic tables have arrived! Thanks to the City of Willmar for assembling them so quickly.

Now, we just need this rain to stop so that we can enjoy a fall picnic.
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29th of September 2017 09:27 AM Link
We are happy to report that the two patios are completed. They look beautiful! The pickets also came in and were put up yesterday. Thank you very much to our fantastic Build Captains for installing.

We will update you when the new picnic tables arrive.
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The Friends of Robbins Island Fund is a fund of the Willmar Area Community Foundation, a registered 501c3 public charity affiliated with CommunityGiving. Gifts to the fund are tax deductible according to IRS guidelines.