Lend Your Tools

There are over 1,000 tools that we need during the community build of Willmar’s Destination Playground at Robbins Island. The most up-to-date list of tools is listed below. If you can help, complete the Tools Form to the right and our Tools Captain, Ben Nelson, will contact you.

How Lending Your Tools Works

Our goal is to have the 1,000 tools needed for the community build donated by individuals and businesses. Tools are guaranteed to be returned in as good of condition as received. You must commit your tools for the entire community build – May 16-May 25, 2017. The tool drop-off dates are Friday, May 12 from 4-8pm, Saturday, May 13 from 10am–4pm and Sunday, May 14 from 12-4pm at Robbins Island. We will have security on-site 24 hours a day. All tools should be labeled before check-in with the name of the donating individual. When your tools are dropped off, there will be a check-in process where each tool will receive a number and the condition of the tool is noted. During construction, volunteers check out tools and return them at the end of their shift. Pick-up: Our Tool Committee will arrange with tool owners to pick up tools promptly after the Willmar Playground is built.

Your Tool(s) Condition
  • Tools are guaranteed to be returned in as good condition as we received them.
  • All power tools need to be in good and working order.
  • Skilled operators must run all heavy equipment.
  • All appropriate safety devices must be attached and in good working order.
Tools Needed for Willmar Playground Build – May 16-25, 2017

Here’s the up-to-date list of large and small tools needed for the Willmar Playground community build.

Item #Tool NameRequiredHaveNeed
1Backhoe with Front Bucket23-1
2Boom Auger Truck220
4Crane (800 lb., 50'-100')101
5Forklift or Small Bucket Loader (or Bobcat with Forks)110
61/2" Impact Wrench312
7Slide Compound Miter Saw 12" blades642
8Power Miter Boxes (10" or 12")440
9Orbital Jigsaw660
10Table Saw (10-12")220
11Table Saw (3-5 HP, off-site)12-1
12Electric Impact Wrenches202
13Tent or Awning (15'x15' for Volunteer Table)633
14Band Saw (1/4"-3/8" blade)201
15Banquet Tables1017-7
16Belt Sanders440
17Bevel Square211
18Bolt Cutters (24")12-1
20Buckets (5 gallon)30300
21Carpenter Pencils (100 pack with Sharpener)413
22Carpentry Hammers3036-6
23Cat's Paw23-1
25C-clamps (5 with 4-5" opening, 5 with 8" opening)1016-6
26Chain (20' with double hooks)220
27Chalk Lines (with extra chalk)58-3
28Chisel Set (1/4"-1 1/2")220
29Circular Saws302010
30Clamps (pipe or bar 4'-8' long)660
31Coffee Cans (empty)50500
32Come-along (2-ton minumum)211
34Crescent Wrench (Adjustable, 1" or larger)440
36Digging Bar, 6' steel34-1
37Disposable Earplugs (100 pack)220
38Drills (1/2")440
39Drills (3/8")65623
40Drill Press (3/4 HP)110
41Dumpster or Dump Truck (30-40 YD)110
42Electric Gang Box12120
43Electric Lead Cord (100', #10 or #12, 4-6 outlet)10100
44Electric Lead Cord (50', #10 or #12, 4-6 outlet)10100
45Electrical Panel110
46Electrical Splitters (2 and 3-way)20200
47Extension Cord (25', #12 or #14 gauge)60600
48Fine-point Black Sharpies (50 pack)211
49Fire Extinguisher220
50Framing Squares550
51Garden Hose (3/4" with trigger)220
52Grinder, side (4 1/2" or 5" with metal blades and flap discs)440
53Hand Saws220
54Hard Hats2024-4
55Ladders (10'-12', OSHA rated)45-1
56Ladder (24' extension)23-1
57Ladders (6'-8', OSHA rated)89-1
58Laser Level and Tripod110
59Levels (3', some 2' and torpedo)40346
60Light String (150' with 15 x 100 watt bulbs)1037
61Lights (high-watt. emergency) or Light Tower422
63Metal Garden Rakes20200
64Nail Aprons (60 pack)642
65Nail Punch550
66Orange Plastic Construction Fence (length TBD)110
67Paint Brushes (1/4"-3")15150
69Pipe Cutter (for 3/4" and 1 1/4" diameter galvanized)101
70Portable Toilets880
71Post Hole Digger1046
72Rags (20 lbs)110
73Ratchet Wrench Set (deep-well, 1/2" & 3/8" drive ext.)642
74Rope (500' x 3/8"-1/2")110
75Router 1/4" (with 3/8" roundover bit) Router Table1257
76Safety Glasses7090-20
77Saw Horses (pair)30300
80Screwdrivers (various sizes)20200
81Scrub Brushes431
82Shovel (spade)352015
83Skid Loader330
84Sledge Hammers (3 -5 lb)35-2
85Sledge Hammers (8-12 lb)34-1
86Speed Squares (6")351025
87Sponges (20 pk. kitchen type, for tire and wood sealer)110
88Staple Gun110
89Storage Container w/ Shelves (8'x20'x8' lighted)110
90Tape Measures (100')45-1
91Tape Measures (12' or longer)50455
92Tarp (plastic, 20'x30')514
93Tents, Large (20' x 30' size)505
94Tin Snips13-2
95Trash Cans (55 gallon)12120
96Truck (3/4 or 1-ton)110
97Utility Knifes20173
98Vise Grips440
99Wheelbarrows (heavy, for concrete mixing)20137
100Wood Rasps (flat and round sizes)312
101Work Gloves, Cotton (120 pair) half of them size SM110
102Wrench Set, + 6 individual 9/16" wrenches (open-ended)211
103Bars, Steel digging (6 ft or longer)34-1
104Wrenches, Allen (also called Hex Keys)440
105Impact Drill Drivers (1/2" and 1/4")45540
Tool totals102293591.5%

Tools/Supplies Donation Form

You can also lend your tools by downloading and completing this Tools/Supplies Donation Form and mailing it to: Friends of Robbins Island, PO Box 1691, Willmar, MN 56201. Our Tools Captain, Ben Nelson, will get back to you shortly.